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On Our Own-A Child Support Group
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Child Support

This is a picture of my deadbeat. His name is JOSEPH SEFTON DUNCAN, II. If you are like me, you aren't receiving child support, either.

Child support was created to benefit the children. When deadbeat parents don't pay this vital support, the children can possibly go without many important things-such as school clothes, school supplies, medicines, personal necessities, and shelter.

I know how it feels. My deadbeat has not paid-except for six months of payments-for my child's 13 years of life. In that time, my child had to go without many much needed things. Mr. Duncan has never even seen our child, which has always been his choice.

He is currently in arrears of approximately $10,000. To some, this is just a drop in the bucket. But to a child, this is money for clothes, school trips, afterschool activities, medical needs, etc...I know you understand how it goes.

Thankfully, things are better now-no thanks to this deadbeat. I married a wonderful man who understands the importance of being a father to my beautiful daughter. Her needs are taken care of by my husband and myself, and she is dealing with this experience as well as she can.

The deadbeat? He ran away to avoid court orders from other women. He currently has 6 children by four other women. He has been rumored to have been in NC, SC, VA, NY, PA, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Feel free to email me your stories and I will respond to each letter-hopefully being able to include them in this site. If you would like to be e-mailed an interview sheet, please let me know and we will submit it for our Interview page.


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