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My time to vent...


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Joseph Sefton Duncan,II has become a familiar name within many circles in online communities. His picture has been circulated in many sites. If you type his name in a web search-you will see a few sites that I-as well as another mother of his children have created.

What he does is shameful. But he only shames himself. Our daughter no longer asks questions about him. She considers my husband as her father. The man that I married is the one that provides her with clothes, food, and shelter. The man that I married is a "Dad". Mr. Duncan has become the one that we pity.

When my daughter was born, Mr. Duncan became a father. When he ran away from his duties as a father, he became a coward. Instead of stepping forward and accepting the responsibilities of fatherhood-he ran away like a scared child on the playground-never looking back.

He has had 13 years to visit his daughter-he refused. He never even held her as a newborn. He would not be able to pick her out of a lineup of two teenagers. He has never laid eyes on his own child. He has never sent a birthday card, holiday card, helped purchase clothing or school supplies. He has never seen a test grade or inquired about her school grades. He doesn't know that she'll be going up for her belt test in Karate next week. He doesn't know that her heart has already been broken.

Joseph Sefton Duncan,II is a coward-a sissy. He is nothing more than a egotiscal wannabe. He would love for you to believe that he's larger-than-life, sexy, and forever young. But just ask our daughter what she thinks of him. Ask her if his hair is still just as golden as it once was. Ask her if his light blue eyes still sparkle in the sunlight. Ask her if his voice is still raspy when he talks. She won't be able to give you answers that she doesn't have. He hasn't allowed her to see him in person. Ever.

Eventually, deadbeat parents will grow older. They will one day need the assistance of their adult children to aid in their care, whether it be medically, financially, or emotionally. It is possible that only then, will they be able to look back at the many lives that they destroyed-only then-when there is no one to help them, the way that they refused to help their own children.

What comes around, goes around.