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Deadbeat Biological Donor

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Joseph Sefton Duncan,II is a voluntary deadbeat biological father who was raised in the New York/Pennsylvania areas. I met Mr. Duncan in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina in 1987 during the time of my residency there. After a courtship and an engagement of marriage-I began to live in the same home as this man. This was my first mistake.

After an abusive relationship with Joe, our relationship ended with him in a NC prison and with me two months pregnant with our only child-a daughter, now 13 years old. Mr. Duncan was given word of her birth, but refused to see her. I decided that it might be best if I did not legally seek child support against him during this time-as I was hearing many validated stories of how Mr. Duncan's rage and violence had escalated in recent times.

In 1998, I decided that enough time had passed so that I could feel safe with my decision to finally pursue child support. With a court order for child support and a wage garnishment against him, Joe panicked and quit his job in Schenectady, New York and fled to Puerto Rico with his current girlfriend-along with his 6th child.

Joseph Duncan is now the father of 6 children by many different mothers-emotionally and financially abandoning all of them except for the youngest. He has never seen our daughter-his oldest child, and has refused to see his other children by various women from the states of Pennsylvania and New York. Rumor had it that one child that he abandoned went up for state adoption in 2000. I was lucky enough to receive a picture of my daughter's half sister before contact was lost.

The most recent news is that Mr. Duncan is back in New York-possibly in Schenectady-and could be very desperate for money. This could mean that he is working any job available to him-regardless of the wage-where as previously he considered himself too good to accept just any position.

Joseph Sefton Duncan, II is 34 years old and was born on January 4, 1967. He is emotionally insecure-making infidelity a constant issue in all of his relationships. He has light brown hair and weighs approximately 160-180 lbs. He had jailhouse tattoos in his arms and back. He has very light blue eyes.

If you recognize this man or if you know his current location, please contact me at


Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats

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Joseph Duncan, II Picture taken in 2000.